Keeping the Promise: The last one out lights the fuse

About The "Original" Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club USA

The Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club USA, was founded on 06 September 1985, as a way for veterans of the Vietnam Era to share in the camaraderie that they had experienced in the military but been unable to find in the civilian world, and to help each other heal from the wounds inflicted by an ungrateful nation. We are made up of both in-country and Vietnam-era vets. We are now, have always been, and will always be a Dinosaur Club. When the last of us dies, he will turn out the light, light the fuse, and close our chapter in the annals of the Motorcycle Club Community. Our legacy in the Motorcycle club community will be one of honorable, stand-up men who believed in the principles handed down to us by our nations forefathers.

We are bonded by history, and united by our principles to form a proud and unique Biker Brotherhood:

The "Original" Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club.

We have pledged to contribute our energy, time and resources to build a better future for all veterans and their families. Our prime directive is to do everything within our power to bring our POW/MIA Brothers home, and to insist that our government provide accountability for each of these patriots.

Members of the Vietnam Vets MC USA continue to honor our solemn oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic. We also make every effort to reach out to other Vietnam Veterans with whatever assistance we can offer, whether it be helping them understand their rights and benefits, or helping them wrestle with the bureaucratic system that seems to have been organized to deny them. We often sponsor awareness events within our communities to help bring to light the plight of often forgotten Veterans.

Our Brothers share a strict set of codes, ethics and values. We are not a criminal organization nor do we have any intention of becoming one. We do feel strongly about government infringement on personal liberties and civil rights, and will speak up and take action as appropriate. We do not get involved with the private business of other motorcycle clubs or their problems. We strive to respect the freedom of the wind and the road.

"We are the Brotherhood in the Wind"

We returned from an unpopular war, scarred mentally and physically to a besieged Nation. We served honorably when called upon and, during a time when it was socially acceptable for our peers to burn their draft cards or flee to Canada; we asked only for the justification and reasons for the death, destruction and sacrifices that were made in South East Asia. Instead of the absolution we sought, we were lied to by our Government, demonized by the media, some veteran groups, and the public.

Most Vietnam Veterans decided to blend back into society, by attempting to hide their Vietnam service. Others refused to hide, and many of them became bikers, and remained


Membership requirements include service within the period of 1959 through 1975, ownership of a motorcycle of at least 650 cc, and successful completion of both a "hang-around" and "prospect" period.

Our missions include public awareness of our POW-MIAs, and Vietnam Veteran's health and benefits issues.


We are not looking for new members, only Brothers who have the time and commitment to proudly fly our Colors in memory of our Brothers lost in Vietnam.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Original Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club USA and are willing to dedicate yourself to our cause, our Club and most of all our Brotherhood,please feel free to contact any Original VNVMC member or e-mail "Smiley" at: or "No Bulls" at:



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