"Keep the Faith" "Keeping the Promise", "Fulfill their Trust" and "No one left behind" are several of many mottos that refer to the efforts of the members of the Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club in support of the recovery of those who are still held prisoner or became missing while serving our nation.

More than 83,000 Americans are missing from World War II, the Korean War, the Cold War, the Vietnam War and the 1991 Gulf War. Members of The Vietnam Vets M/C work in collaboration and support of organizations that are focused on the US Department of Defense's personnel recovery and personnel accounting communities. The Vietnam Vets M/C is dedicated to their primary mission of finding and bringing our missing personnel home. The Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club monitors and supports the US Government's activities in archival research, intelligence collection and analysis, field investigations and recoveries, and scientific analysis.

The POW/MIA Missing Man Ceremony

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